Sensing and Monitoring


LinearLab offers full end to end solutions for a wide range of sectors and applications. Providing a specially designed and configured sensor and data collection system used for continuous and proactive monitoring purposes, allowing action before damage or injury can occur, often preventing catastrophes and saving high-cost assets or materials. 

Collaborating with technology and science research companies and laboratories, developing and manufacturing cutting edge products allows LinearLab to deliver innovative designs, in the form of a deployable sensor systems specifically optimized for the application. 

Solutions applied to:

      • Environmental monitoring including Ocean and Atmospheric Measurements
      • Quality assurance and Quality Control 
      • Asset Monitoring
      • Surveillance

Sensor Payloads

Science-grade instruments and payload packages designed for operation in the harshest environments to perform key measurements and monitoring.

Includes applications that require sensor performance to be verified using specialist test facilities and equipment, including hypobaric chambers to simulate variable altitude, temperature, and humidity.

Sensing Technologies

  • Haptics & Tactile sensing
  • Ultrasound & Acoustics
  • Thermal
  • Optical Sensing
  • Electromagnetic
  • Imagery
  • Flow
  • Radiation


Cutting-Edge Technology

Integrating novel sensor technology to acquire accurate data, broadening the capabilities for systems and applications operating on the ground, oceans, and in the atmosphere

Wind Tunnel Testing and Validation Experience

Extensive experience in using wind tunnel testing facilities. Used to perform a wide range of tests that includes measurement of aerodynamic forces and moments on scale models to calibration of complex flow measurement sensors operating in simulated real-world conditions. 

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