Our Purpose & Vision

LinearLab is an innovative technical company, founded with the goal of developing solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. From sea-level to the stratosphere our solutions are proven to be effective in the most technically challenging environments.

The company has a wealth of technological design knowledge, engineering skills and intellectual property developed through our involvement in ground-breaking projects, pioneering missions and science programs.

Adoption of our in-house advanced data-led simulation to aid the design process has enabled the construction, and precise optimization of complex aero-and hydro-dynamic vehicles, incorporating high-tech control and monitoring systems.

LinearLab can assist anywhere in the project’s lifecycle; from initial conception through test and certification, our expertise provides the company with the key knowhow required to deliver innovative products and solutions on time, on spec and on budget.

LinearLab Ltd

Unit 15
Lymington Enterprise Centre, Ampress Lane, Lymington
Hants SO41 8LZ


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