Flight Control Systems

Control solutions for ground-breaking aerospace applications designed for long range missions utilizing advanced technology to further advance system capabilities.

Variable Payload Management

Delivery of sophisticated distributed control networks and avionics to support a variety of payloads, including complex gyro-stabilized gimbal technology used for camera and surveillance systems, environmental monitoring incorporating the latest in thermal velocity technologies, navigation, identification and multiple geo-tracking devices.

Data Collection & Analysis

Provide specific software and expertise to enable fast and rapid analysis of data. Use custom visualization and analytical tools to support large data sets to improve the decision-making process, in both real-time and in a postprocessing analytic environment.

Electric Propulsion and Energy Management

Support the paradigm shift in emission-free propulsion technology by developing and implementing light weight power efficient electric propulsion systems. Deployment of such technology includes the implementation of efficient management of high gravimetric density battery systems, advanced energy re-harvesting and gimbaled thrust control.


Utilization of our industry wide network to provide a certification solution specific to the application. Delivery of a comprehensive road map from system level requirements through to verification and validation. Certification requires an in-depth understanding of the exact software and hardware standards that must be maintained throughout the project life cycle.

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