Test Rigs and Simulation Laboratories 

LinearLab has extensive experience in designing, implementing and utilization of test rigs used for a wide range of applications for verification and validation test purposes.

Test rigs are proven to be one of the most vital pieces of apparatus within any industry that works with mechanical or electrical equipment and are considered essential to verifying a design or proving a products performance prior to production or field testing.


    Benefits include:

    • Enhanced reliability 
    • Reproducible and reusable tests and simulations
    • Safety
    • Reduce test time and costs
    • Support certification process



    Systems incorporating complex closed-loop feedback and automated control strategies require comprehensive testing to ensure underlying hardware & software is functioning effectively. 

    To support this, LinearLab specifies custom HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) test platforms to simulate virtual real-time conditions and scenarios.

    The HIL connects all the embedded system I/O and provides a reliable way of simulating sensors, control surfaces, mechanical components in conditions representative of the real-world.


    Application involvement examples

    • High voltage battery system – Simulate cell voltages to verify BMS performance
    • Power electronics – Emulate electrical converter fault scenarios, and test controls switching response at sub-microsecond timesteps
    • Electric Propulsion Motor – Durability testing and collection of high-fidelity data on the motor and sub-systems 

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